Maths – Part Of Life’s Essentials

If you’d like to progress to higher levels of learning, gain a new job, progress in your career or even just help a child with homework, then good maths skills are essential.

Our fast-track maths courses include:

FREE Maths Intensive Functional Skills (Starting Monday 27th June – 2 weeks) – Do you need Functional Skills to get a job or join a course in September? This intensive course will help you to achieve a Functional Skills qualification in just 2 weeks! Not only will you gain a qualification but you will also develop everyday maths skills, helping you in a variety of situations. For example, you’ll cover topics such as calculating the area of a room for fitting a carpet; working with percentages to discover how much an item of clothing costs with a 20% sale price; and working out ratios to use recipes and adjust the number of people you cook for.

FREE Maths Refresher (Starting Monday 6th June – 7 weeks) – Would you like to join GCSE maths in September, or do you need to refresh your skills for a place at university or to find a job? This short course will help you to start working on any gaps in learning, boosting your maths skills so that you feel more confident. You’ll also gain a nationally-recognised maths award qualification which you can add to your CV!

FREE ESOL into GCSE (Starting Monday 6th June – 7 weeks) – If English is your second language this short course which will help you to prepare for GCSE maths by focusing on the language and vocabulary involved when studying this subject, and exploring problem solving so that you’re ready for the variety of ways a maths question may be presented in a GCSE exam. At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate to show that you’ve completed a preparation to maths GCSE course, enabling you to move on to our GCSE maths course starting in September.

Maths - Part Of Life's Essentials

What do I do next?

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